Yellowfin take you from raw data to great dashboards to actionable insight

Yellowfin even help you predict the future

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The Yellowfin platform delivers value in three ways:

Dashboards and Reports


Assisted Discovery


Data Science


Transform Your Data

The fully integrated, browser-based ETL and visual-data preparation tools let you rapidly deliver governed data ready for analysis. Connect directly to all your data sources β€” even plug in your data-science models β€” then transform, blend, and enrich that data to produce meaningful insights. Or build that connectivity yourself to perform the data transformations your business requires.

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Build Awesome Analytical Apps

The analytics tools let you quickly create stunning, flexible reports and dashboards. They automatically find correlations in your data, build the most relevant content, and provide a natural-language narrative to explain the results. You can also ask questions for better results and blend multiple data sources to produce stunning visualisations and infographics.

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Inject AI into your Business Intelligence

To complete the platform, Yellowfin provides market leading collaboration and sharing tools so you can easily share insights with the right people as they need it. Users collaborate where their data lives through commentary and annotations. They also can see all relevant information through their personalised and secure timeline and share those insights across the business.

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Governed and Secure

With Yellowfin you access your approved data from where it is stored. It’s not moved or copied for individual analysis and spread all over the place. Instead, Yellowfin manage all data and access centrally, so there is a single version of truth you can trust. Across every stage of the analytics journey, Yellowfin provides governance and security to ensure complete trust in your analytics applications.

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Main Features

Data Professionals

Yellowfin delivers the analytics platform for modern data teams. Not many tools – one tool. Built for every member of your data team, you get from raw data to deployed dashboards quickly.

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Yellowfin delivers a complete enterprise analytics solution. Get the Oversight, Insight, and Foresight your organisation needs to get to the why faster. Trusted data and governed oversight.

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Yellowfin help your application shine by making it easy to embed world-class Business Intelligence. Why build your own Business Intelligence module when you can so easily integrate Yellowfin?

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Yellowfin makes it easy to calculate your total licence fees and the incremental change to the next level of deployment. There are no hidden costs with Yellowfin, just simple transparent pricing.

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